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Our services at a glance

Drainage work from start to finish

  • field studies and planning for drainage
  • installation of drainage systems and pipes
  • flushing of drainage systems, maintenance and upkeep of drainage systems
  • repair of drainage systems
  • expansion of existing drainage systems
  • connection of existing drainage systems with new or expanded systems
  • construction and setting up of complete drainage systems (including receiving water channels)

Modern technologies

  • drainage machines for ploughing in the drainage system
  • mortising chain drainage machine for mechanised installation
  • Lser technology for depth control (gradients)
  • drainage planning with GPS and special software
  • tracking systems for mapping of drainage systems

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Services & Benefits

Planning Präziser Dränageplan mit Hilfe von GPS für eine exakte Positionsbestimmung. read more...

Increased yields Mit einer Dränung erreichen Sie Erstragssteigerungen bis zu 100%. read more...

Instandhaltung Drainagerohr

Drainage installation Verlegung/ Installation von Drainagen auf landwirtschaftlichen Flächen. read more...