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Soil types and characteristics

The type of soil has a significant impact on its ability to hold water -- and hence on the installation of a drainage system and its elements. The term soil refers to the upper living and weathered layer of the earth that is penetrated by roots and is usually about 1-2m deep. The following soil types can be classified:

Soil types Water holding capacities
sand low water holding capacity, little compaction
loam high water holding capacity, dense soil structure
clay high water holding capacity, very dense soil structure
silt high water holding capacity
peat high water holding capacity

Iron-containing soil

Approximately 5 to 10 % of agricultural land in Germany has high iron content. In these cases, we install the drainage system so that it can be flushed at any time. To do this, we install individual outlets as shafts or ditches.

The advantage: regular flushing of drainage systems increases their lifetime in soil that contains a lot of iron over several years.

Services & Benefits

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Instandhaltung Drainagerohr

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