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Installing a drainage system – gentle on the soil

Trenchless drainage machines/drainage ploughs
The fastest and most effective methods for installing trenchless drainage is by ploughing in using a drainage plough. The advantage of this method is that the ground only needs to be slit open by the drainage plough. The soil levels are thus not mixed together and valuable topsoil remains where it should be with the plants.

In the photograph below you can clearly see that there is no significant damage to soil structure or grassland.

With highly impermeable soils it may be necessary to fill in the slits with gravel after the drainage collectors are installed.

Installing drainage systems with excavation work
When there are great variations in the slope, it may be necessary to install drainage collectors to a depth of 4 metres, for example (extra depth). To do so, the ground must first be excavated (the topsoil is stored separately) before the collector is installed into the excavated ditches using the drainage plough.

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