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Agricultural drainage is our specialty

About BT Thomsen Drainage GmbH
BT Thomsen Drainage GmbH is your qualified partner for all aspects of drainage and drainage systems in agricultural fields. Optimizing agricultural lands with perfectly designed drainage systems is our job.

We help farmers to improve their conditions for growth and hence to significantly boost the efficiency of their agricultural land with higher productivity.

We use rugged machines that are more than 300 HP and at the same time use modern technologies such as laser techniques and GPS.

Competency from many years of experience
Our company was founded in 1999. But our experience in installation and repair of drainage systems goes back about 30 years.

To date, we have been able to improve innumerable hectares of farmland, fields and agricultural areas. Our working radius covers all of eastern Germany, all of the north and west and even as far as the most southerly states of Germany.

Services & Benefits

Planning Präziser Dränageplan mit Hilfe von GPS für eine exakte Positionsbestimmung. read more...

Increased yields Mit einer Dränung erreichen Sie Erstragssteigerungen bis zu 100%. read more...

Instandhaltung Drainagerohr

Drainage installation Verlegung/ Installation von Drainagen auf landwirtschaftlichen Flächen. read more...