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Why drainage pays for itself in agricultural practice

More vigorous soil, better growth, better harvest – this is the logical consequence of a properly installed drainage system in an agricultural setting. The significant advantages that result for the farmer and his operation: greater harvest quantities, higher yields, more profit.

It always pays to drain fields and other agricultural areas; compare for yourself:

Drainage is more attractive than buying
A hectare of land costs about 20,000 euros. Optimizing existing land with drainage costs about 2000 euros per hectare – hence, only a tenth of the cost of the land!

Therefore, before you purchase new land, it is clearly better to make uncultivated land usable. This is particularly true for bordering subareas that appears to have become unusable because of waterlogging that stays throughout the year.  

Investment that also pays off for the long term
Considering the higher yields the cost of a drainage system pays for itself. And, you can safely count on the economic efficiency of a working drainage system because of the long-term payoffs (approx. 25 years).

Fig.: graphic/sample calculation
Drainage pays for itself – a 25 year profitability calculation

Maintenance ensures high yields
The same is true for the ongoing upkeep of agricultural drainage systems. True, maintenance or repair (tax deductible) expenses. But, the expected increased yields that you can achieve with comprehensive soil optimisation are generally much higher than the maintenance costs.

All the advantages of drainage at a glance

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