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Which drainage system is right?

Basic field studies are the be-all and end-all for proper planning of drainage systems. And with good reason: it is the contour of the land, and especially nature of the soil structure that is of prime importance for the installation of drainage systems if they are to function without limitation.

Analysis of soil structure
The term soil structure refers to the spatial organisation of the sold soil components among themselves and their relative spacing. The distances determine the pore volumes of the soil. There are a variety of forms and sizes depending on the terrain and the type of soil. The pore volumes themselves have a direct effect on the intensity of the soil’s water holding capacity − and hence on the choice of drainage pipes, slope and system scheme.

To analyse soil structure in our field studies, we investigate

  • soil types and characteristics
  • the causes and effects of the soil moisture and
  • the nature of water in the soil.

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Drainage installation Verlegung/ Installation von Drainagen auf landwirtschaftlichen Flächen. read more...