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Maintenance of and flushing of drainage systems

Flushing of drainage systems is a proven method for quickly getting a blocked drainage system going again. In the same way, flushing can ensure maximum functionality of a drainage system – and hence ensures maximum profitability from drained fields.

Only completely faultless functioning of drainage systems can provide optimum soil conditions and growth climate. But some soils have such a high iron content that the drainage can quickly become clogged. They become increasingly slurried and eventually close off completely.

Drainage flushing − fast and effective
Regular flushing of drainage systems for maintenance (and restoration) is recommended in the following instances:

  • blocked drainage openings
  • slurried drainage systems
  • drainage systems clogged from iron-rich soils
  • plugging up from rapeseed roots

Construction of flushable drainage systems
Many agricultural areas of Germany have soils with high iron contents, with as much as 5 to 10 % classified as very high iron. In such cases, we install drainage systems that have collectors and drains that can be flushed at any time.

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