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Tracking drainage systems and cartography

rainages are generally complex systems that are composed of hundreds of metres of drainage pipes (drains and/or collectors), shafts, flow drains and receiving water trenches. Up-to-date plans from the installation of the drainage pipes can be of great use for their repair and maintenance, since then the defective or problematic sites can tracked down systematically and then repaired.

Tracking system for drainage systems
Many drainage systems are already so old that the plans can no longer be tracked down. In such cases, we make use of our tracking system: we insert a transmitter unit on a fibre optic cable (200m) into an opening or an exposed drainage pipe. This enables us to accurately detect the site with the tracking device.

Cartography of drainage systems
The tracking system allows us to retroactively replace missing drainage plans with new ones. At any time. Whether or not the drainage system requires repair.

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