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Investigating the soil moisture

Water is life, but too much water is not good for most crop plants (and roots). If anything, too much water or moisture in the soil prevents good growth because aeration and warming of the soil is inadequate.

During our field studies we carefully examine the terrain and the local soil conditions and clarify the possible causes for the soil moisture. The following table clarifies the complexity of the natural relationships and provides the basic approaches for detecting the problems:

Topic Question Hints or problem-solving approach
Soil moisture widespread, in places vegetation, tracks, flood
land surface even, undulating, sloping, pending maps with contour lines, measurement of depth differences (levelling)
drainage capability sufficient, non-existent, natural, artificial stream, ditches, drainpipes, depth, diameter
ground water available, not available, depth well, auger, spade
backwater temporary backwater auger, spade, depth and type of blocking layers
retained water latent ground water auger, spade
soil type stone, gravel, sand, silt, clay, peat finger test (rub, knead, cut)
terrain type soil structure, colour, density, root penetration soil map, auger, spade
water permeability very low, low, medium, high, very high auger, spade, estimate, seepage sample
iron clogging iron ochre in soil profile or water soil colour, oily membranes in the ground water
land use crop type, yield quantities and security, difficulty in processing, damage during processing indicator plants

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