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Things to know about drainage

What is a drainage?

  • drainages (also called drainage systems) consist of specially installed draining pipes that conduct surplus water away from the soil structure. Small openings in the pipes and seams between pipes can soak up unwanted ground and rainwater from the soil surface and draw it away to receiving channels such as trenches.
  • agricultural drainage systems are subterranean outlet systems that have been systematically installed to eliminate harmful standing ground water (waterlogged areas, retained water) and to improve the conditions for growth.
  • click here for interesting information on the history of drainage Historical development of drainage – from the Babylonians to modern agriculture …

How does drainage affect the soil?

  • drainage can quickly eliminate surplus water and moisture from the soil; good aeration is preserved.
  • improved aeration results in drier, warmer soil that is richer in oxygen – this in turn stimulates the production of nutrients by soil bacteria and allows better plant development.

Why is drainage so important for agriculture?

Services & Benefits

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Instandhaltung Drainagerohr

Drainage installation Verlegung/ Installation von Drainagen auf landwirtschaftlichen Flächen. read more...