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10 reasons for draining agricultural land

Well-functioning drainage/drainage systems are an effective means for improving the soil (amelioration) in agricultural practice. Your working principle is simple and yet very effective: standing water in the soil that is harmful to crops is efficiently and comprehensively removed. Instead, you get a dry soil structure that has a healthy soil climate that has a positive effect on plant growth. The result is better harvests and greater yields.

An overview of the key effects and economic benefits of draining:

Fertile soil
• drainage of water, prevention of waterlogging, water retention
• comprehensive, long-term loosening of the soil
• improved soil aeration and oxygen supply
• optimum microclimate for bacteria and microorganisms
• healthy soil filled with important nutrients

Conclusion: water content and soil climate (air and warmth) are widely improved, and activity of soil bacteria is stimulated. Plant roots can spread more easily and reach deeper so that every plant can take up more nutrients.

Advantages for agriculture
• the ground can be worked and cultivated
• plants/fruits have more time to grow and ripen
• improved product quality because the soil contains more nutrients
• increased profits from larger harvests
• efficient exploitation of available land

Moreover, there is a long-term positive effect since harmful effects such as soil compaction from machinery is avoided with comprehensive drainage.

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